• Dreamy views

    Dreamy views

  • Colonial tradition

    Colonial tradition

  • Privileged location

    Privileged location

  • Design and comfort

    Design and comfort

  • Breadth and brightness

    Breadth and brightness

  • Functional simplicity

    Functional simplicity

Learn about the houses

Casas Coloniais Morro de Sao Paulo is not just a condominium where you can rent houses. Casas Coloniales is a thoughtful architectural complex, designed in three architectural styles from different time periods.

Our Casa Amarela and Casa Amarela II: Colonial style with high ceilings and large windows that become doors, and guillotine windows. The Iberian architecture fits perfectly with the use of polychrome in African design, bringing character to the bright bay.

Our Blue House: eclectic, combining inclined pillars and beams that are unique in the island, with woods and rounded walls, all creating an atmosphere of modern warmth.

And our White House and White House II: Newly built and of a minimalist style, it highlights the elegance of its kumara hardwoods doors, windows and railings. Conceived as a cubic building, its straight lines are complemented with three wooden tiers with white ceramic roof tiles. This cube is crowned with a terrace with wooden railings and sea and mountain views that are beautiful, amazing and magical.

An architectural space in harmony with nature, the garden and stunning sea views, this place has great beauty and unique character on the island. We host the only residential colonial-style house, the only house built with slanted columns, and the unique minimalist cube house with wood finishings.

We invite you to rent our houses as a family or as a group of friends and share entertainment with the quality assurance of Casas Coloniales Morro de São Paulo; an unforgettable experience you will soon want to repeat.



Casa Amarela

Casa Amarela Living Colonial Style

Located in the center of the Vila, near the main tourist and historical sites of the island

-> For 7 - 9 people
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Casa Azul

Casa Azul Modern Warmth with Sea Views

Exotic building, with spectacular sea and mountain views

-> For 8 - 12 people
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Casa Amarela II

Casa Amarela II Colonial Elegance Tradition

Unique architecture on the island, in a natural environment, and overlooking the sea

-> For 10 people
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Casa Branca

Casa Branca Minimalism and Vanguard

Noble finishes, light and comfort, with large terrace next to the garden

-> For 8 people
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Casa Branca II

Casa Branca II Minimalist Jewel with Sea Views

Design, quality and elegance, with stunning sunsets over the island

-> For 19 people
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